Measuring Social Impact

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This 2-day programme will support you to develop steady and manageable outputs and outcomes for your social enterprise, assisting you the measure the impact your enterprise has on society or the environment. 


Cape Town


29 & 30 November 2017


9am - 4pm


2 days


Surika Behrens



021 447 2556


R950 (R475 per day)

Identifying the tools, resources and methods to measure your social impact is integral in creating an organisation which is financially sustainable, competitively strong and able to engage with stakeholders.


"Consultants would come do it (Theory of Change and the Logical Framework) for us and tell us this is what we need since it is part of funding, but now I know how we can use it as an organization to measure and improve our impact."
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During this programme you will:

    • Learn how measuring your social impact can benefit your organisation or business
    • Understand what outcomes may be produced by certain business practices
    • Be introduced to “theory of change” and how its importance can grow your business
    • Find out about different social impact measurement tools
    • Learn about best practice case studies from around the world


 This programme is for people keen to understand how the social efforts of their organisation or business can be measured in order to manage growth, develop competitive advantage and be recognised by others.