Track Record

The Social Enterprise Academy is the only specialist learning and development organisation supporting the enterprising social sector in South Africa.

Founded in 2004 in Scotland, the Academy has worked at local, national and international levels supporting over 8000 learners and 1700 organisations to grow and thrive as social enterprises.


Working with International Partners

With a successful track record in Scotland, we are now working with over ten local partners in several countries to share our learning model, including China, Australia, Malaysia and Pakistan. 


Independent Review 2015

Undertaken by Glasgow University's prestigious Training and Employment Research Unit, our most recent impact review demonstrates the power of our learning approach.

Behaviour Change

94% of learners improve the way they do things and enhance their performance

95% of learners reframe their perspectives and how they think about things

100% of learners that attend 5+ programmes experience transformational change


Organisational Change

84% improve their organisation's ability to be responsive and adaptive to the market

91% communicate more effectively within their organisations

85% improve the quality of their products and services


Social Impact

79% felt their learning affected the social impact of their work

72% felt their learning affected the economic impact of their work

71% felt their learning affected the cultural impact of their work


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