Qualifications & Quality Management

Gain internationally recognised qualifications from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) on our programmes

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They focus on the real-world challenges that you face, not just theories, asking you to apply what you learn to make a positive difference in your work.


Learning Through Work 

ILM recognises that everyone has different experience, skills and roles so it's your insight from these that's assessed rather than academic knowledge alone.

  • Assessments focus on learning from work-based situations
  • Learners gain a deeper understanding about the practical application of learning
  • The impact of learning continues to grow during and beyond the assessment 


Key Facts

  1. ILM offers internationally recognised qualifications matched to local education frameworks 
  2. Over 750,000 people have taken ILM qualifications in the past 10 years
  3. Employers say 93% of managers perform better after an ILM qualification
  4. Students are given free ILM membership and access to resources


Qualifications Explained

Accredited by ILM at degree-level:

  • Award in Leadership | Around 6 months to complete
  • Certificate in Leadership | Around 12 months to complete
  • Understanding Social Enterprise  |  Around 3 months to complete

Endorsed by ILM but without a specific level:

  • Peer-Led Learning Exchange
  • Starting Your Social Enterprise
  • Developing Your Social Enterprise


Quality Assurance

Our most important principle is 'learner first' - putting the needs of people we work with at the heart of decisions.

Managing the quality of programmes, tutors, materials and the support we provide is a vital, ongoing process that means continually improving what we do and how we do it.

  • We use the European Framework for Quality Management (EFQM) to develop, deliver, review and learn from the work we do
  • We have a dedicated Quality Manager who oversees this work and ensures that continual improvement is part of our organisational culture


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