International Student Internship Programme

Creating social change through collaboration

Collaboration is a growing aspect of a successful business.

The Social Enterprise Academy, in partnership with the Bertha Institute and Oslo University, are offering students and organisations the opportunity to develop unique partnerships. By working in this way and learning from each other, the programme not only develops the student, it positively impacts the local communities these organisations serve. 

The interns were eager to help us and able to adapt their current knowledge and experience to that of South Africa’s market, culture, government and legal procedures


A Snapshot of the Programme

  • Interns work as junior consultants on assignments chosen by host organisations and are fully immersed in their work processes and culture
  • Mentoring support is provided by Social Enterprise Academy
  • A comprehensive academic programme with opportunities for facilitated, peer-based learning is delivered by the University of Cape Town and Social Enterprise Academy
  • Host organisations gain an opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s most talented students and design projects with valuable outputs that can really be of benefit 


The intern’s work was of a high standard and quality. They went over and above what was expected as deliverables


Learning Methodology

This programme is inspired by making the world a classroom.

The learning experience is facilitated by five core components, which together innovatively guide students to glean the meaning of social change and global issues both from the university lecture theatre and the empirical reality of South Africa's social or impact enterprise context.

  • The Internship
  • Academic and Reflection Sessions
  • Action Research
  • Peer-Led Learning
  • Social Immersion


How to Get Involved

If you'd like more information or discuss how your international university could get involved in this programme, please also get in touch through the link below.

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