Understanding Social Enterprise

This practical programme will introduce you to the wide range of income-generation models used by successful social enterprises around the world.




Past Programme


9am - 4pm


2 days

Social enterprise is an international movement characterised by organisations that trade to earn income, but also achieve social and environmental benefits.

Because of this, social enterprise is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa as a way to create positive social impact without reliance on donor income.

It will also provide you with space and time to reflect on how to implement these best practice models in your own organisation.


Speech Mark Open Red 01I had a very limited understanding of the potential for NPO’s to generate their own income. I didn’t understand what the boundaries were legally and how they could strive for sustainability. This has all changed for me and opened my eyesSpeech Mark Close Red 01

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On this programme you will:

  • Develop your understanding of the value and purpose of social enterprise
  • Explore the relationship between social enterprise, NPOs and traditional business
  • Gain an overview of the legal structures available and identify a wide range of possible revenue models
  • Explore the challenges of balancing social and environmental aims with revenue generation



Do you run a for-profit business and are looking for ways to create more social impact through your business?

Do you run a social enterprise or are considering starting one?

Are you a public sector official looking to understand more about what social enterprise could bring to the communities you serve?

Are you an NPO leader who wants to learn more about making the transition from donor dependency to income generation and financial sustainability?

This programme is for you!