Measuring Social Impact

This one-day learning programme provides an accessible overview of social impact measurement, allowing you to identify an approach most suitable for your organisation and its work.


Cape Town


Past Programme


10am - 4pm


1 day

At the heart of any social enterprise or non-profit organisation is its social impact - the change it strives to make. By learning to measure the impact it is making, an organisation can prove to its clients, funders and other stakeholders the value it is adding to society. It is also the first step to understanding what changes an organisation needs to make, to achieve even greater impact.

Social impact measurement may seem like a complex process. However, once you have grasped the terminology and the basic principles, the process quickly becomes clear. 


On this programme you will:

  • Discover the benefits of proving the impact of your organisation
  • Understand the Theory of Change model from activities to impact, and apply this process to one of your programmes
  • Gain clarity on the process of measuring impact and key concepts involved in its evaluation
  • Discover recent developments and methodologies
  • Compare and contrast a number of different approaches to measuring social impact
  • Identify the best approach and next steps for your organisation



This programme is for individuals and organisations interested in proving and improving the value of their work to society.


Spring Taster Programmes | Oct - Nov 2015

This programme is also part of our Spring Taster Programmes designed for you to experience Social Enterprise Academy's unique peer-led learning approach. 

Discounts will be available to individuals interested in booking to attend all 3 Spring Taster Programmes

  • Introducing Social Enterprise | 28 October 2015
  • Leadership for Social Change | 19 November 2015
  • Measuring Social Impact | 26 November 2015