Journey to Social Enterprise

A programme that supports you to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and develop business models that both generate income and increase social impact.




Past Programme


10am - 4pm



Many non-profits in South Africa are looking for ways to generate income in order to decrease their reliance on donor funding and become more financially sustainable. Only in this way will they be able to achieve long-term social impact. 

At the same time, businesses are looking at how they can play a positive role in society by tackling the social and environmental challenges that exist in the communities they operate within. 

Social enterprise in an innovative model that can empower entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations, to design business solutions to social problems, enabling sustainable and systemic change to take place. Through a unique approach of peer-led learning and development, this programme will support you in your journey of developing a social enterprise, from start-up and financial development to growth and replication.


On this programme you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of social enterprise
  • Apply a range of business tools and skills to establish sustainable income streams for your social purpose
  • Create a dynamic and workable business plan to support the development and growth of your social enterprise idea
  • Learn collaboratively with other organisations at a similar stage of development



This programme is aimed at:

  • Non-profit managers who are considering transitioning to increased income generation
  • Entrepreneurs who want to find out more about the social enterprise movement and model
  • Corporate businesses who are interested in how they can address social and environmental challenges via the model of social enterprise



Session 1 Understanding Social Enterprise

  • Social entrepreneurship, social change and the social enterprise model
  • The case for change: the current reality of NPOs
  • The journey to social enterprise
  • Sharing South African and global case studies
  • The centrality of the social/environmental mission

Session 2 Revenue Models

  • Revenue models within the social enterprise structure

Session 3 Triple Bottom Line

  • Understanding Triple Bottom Line
  • Achieving blended value
  • Trade-offs to balance social and economic mission
  • Ethical decision-making and the sustainability framework
  • Session 4 Legal Structures
  • Non-profit and for-profit legal structures
  • Tax implications for PBOs
  • Examining the case for a hybrid model

Session 5 Transitioning towards Social Enterprise

  • Benefits to NPOs of transitioning towards social enterprise
  • Barriers to overcome in the transition