Supporting NPOs

As well as working directly with start up and established social enterprises, we also work with partners to enhance the resilience and capability of NPOs

Work with us to expand your support for NPOs and help them achieve greater sustainability 


Programmes with Impact

Through practical, collaborative learning programmes we help social enterprises and NPOs find new ways of meeting the challenges of financial sustainability and of delivering high social impact.

An independent review of our learning programmes showed that 94% improved the way they do things and enhanced their performance  



Financial Sustainability

Our Enterprise programmes support social enterprises at the start-up, growth and replication phases.

Specifically for NPOs, the 'Journey to Social Enterprise' programme helps to transition them from donor-dependency to developing a sustainable and impactful enterprise. It takes learners through a journey from understanding social enterprise and identifying income-generating opportunities (including BEE), to business planning, change leadership, marketing and finance.

Resilient Leadership

The experience of our Leadership programmes is often reported as “transformational” for individuals, their teams, organisations and social impact.

By developing their strengths, self-awareness and insights from others in the sector, social enterprises and NPOs can build effective leadership and an inspiring and innovative culture.

Measuring Impact

The value NPOs and social enterprises create goes far beyond financial terms, but this is often the only way used to communicate accountability.

Our Measuring Social Impact programmes develop an understanding of the theory of change and modern measurement frameworks that help organisations prove their social value.

Working in Partnership

By working in partnership with NPOs, universities and CSI managers we are able to tailor programmes to local needs and situations. Recent partners include:

The Bertha Centre  |  Remgro  |  Trialogue  |  Christel House  |  MAD Leadership Foundation


To arrange an initial discussion about how we can support NPOs in partnership with you, please get in touch:

Vanessa Ramanjam | SEA Programmes Manager | 021 447 2556

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* Independent Review conducted by University of Glasgow Training & Employment Research Unit 2015