Practitioner-led Learning Exchange

This programme is a unique opportunity to explore and develop your participatory facilitation skills alongside Indian social entrepreneurs and changemakers.




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8.30am - 5pm


4 Days


Priya Modi





Fully Funded

Throughout this 4-day programme you will build on and share your own experience of facilitation whilst making connections with others and exploring social change.
You will examine the tools and techniques being used across the world by facilitators enabling transformational learning to support you in creating positive change in your organisation.


This programme will support you to:

  • Share and build on your experience as a facilitator using participatory and non-directive techniques
  • Develop and employ learning methods that will help identify and cater to the needs of learners at all levels
  • Deepen your understanding of models of learning and facilitation
  • Work towards an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Endorsed Award
  • Connect with peers who are facilitating transformational learning that supports leaders at all levels
  • Learn about social entrepreneurship and learning and development as a tool for creating social change in India



(By invitation only)

This programme is for potential Social Enterprise Academy Tutors keen to share experience and gain a better understanding of facilitating learning for individuals, organisations and communities.


Wednesday 1st November

Connecting: ethos, purpose and methodology

Thursday 2nd November

Exploring: reflective practice, facilitation and learning


Select one day

Friday 3 November
Saturday 4 November

Thursday 30th November

Reflection, practice and feedback
Endorsed Award progression to be arranged individually on completion of the 4 day programme













On completion of this programme you are eligible for recognition by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). Please look at the PDF for additional information. 







1. Ensure the set up and delivery of our learning programmes are fully inclusive and accessible, stress testing them through an anti-racism and discrimination lens

2. Ensure the content, theories and models used in our programmes reflect a wider range of culturally diverse global thinkers. 

3. Actively support the feature equity diversity and inclusion as a topic on our leadership programmes, supporting our facilitators to deliver this.

4. Ensure our recruitment and facilitator selection processes operate in a way that attracts and provides opportunities for more people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

5. Robustly monitor the demographics of our learners to ensure we are attracting learners that are more culturally representative of the communities we serve.

6. Provide ongoing support for staff and facilitators during our EDI journey, in particular to those who might come from diverse backgrounds. 

7. Support all facilitators, staff and board members with their ongoing learning and development around equity, diversity and inclusion. 

8. Engage with and learn from individuals and organisations locally and globally tackling systemic racism and injustice.

9. Share learning from the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion working group internally and with other organisations.

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