Enterprising Leadership

This programme explores skills, mind-sets and behaviours required to lead in an enterprising way. You will learn how this approach can support you to achieve your organisations vision, mission and values.




23 & 24 March 2019


10am - 4pm


2 Days


Sadaf Mahmood




+92 213 517 1771-73


Fully Funded

There is increasing need for third sector leaders, to be innovative and enterprising, ensuring organisations can address different challenges and seize new opportunities.

Are you ready to step up?


Why choose this programme?  

  • Explore how to take people with you on the journey and bring about change
  • Identify the needs, benefits and challenges of becoming more entrepreneurial
  • Gain growth tools that can help organisations to identify ways of becoming more entrepreneurial


Who is this programme for?

This programme has been designed for current leaders in social enterprises and non-profit organisations. It is for individuals would like to explore how to lead in a more innovative and entrepreneurial way whilst staying true the core values and purpose of their organisation.


"This programme has helped me to change my attitude towards difficult situations and to look at them in a more positive way". Previous Learner