Coaching Skills

Together with peers in the room, you will explore different tools and techniques to apply within your organisation to enhance performance and stimulate a coaching culture.




Past Programme


10am - 4pm


2 Days

Learning will be focussed on ‘coaching’ - an effective approach in motivating and stimulating development across all levels of staff and organisation.


The case for coaching

Coaching skills, particularly listening and questioning techniques, increase the range of management and leadership behaviours within an organisational culture. Developing a coaching culture is therefore about much more than one-to-one coaching sessions, it is a leadership practice that can take organisations from good to great. Its method is rooted in integrating individuals and teams with organisational learning and change, to enhance performance in a dynamic way.


On this programme you will:

  • Build your confidence and competences for coaching and identify the contexts to effectively use this style
  • Reflect on your individual approach and gain insight into your own motivations
  • Develop new ways of tackling challenging issues
  • Use these insights to enhance your own coaching style and its effective use with colleagues

Fully funded

With the support of our partner organisations, Scottish Government and the North Alliance, this programme is fully funded and available to learners at no cost.



This programme is aimed at individuals and organisations working in or with the third sector across northern Scotland.