Social Enterprise for the Voluntary Sector

Social Enterprise for the Voluntary Sector is a practical and engaging one day programme that will bring together managers and board members from the voluntary sector across North Wales to explore these issues.




Past Programme


10am - 4pm


1 day

Social enterprise can be a fantastic opportunity for many charities and voluntary sector organisations.  It can be used to generate unrestricted funds or provide new opportunities for your beneficiaries.  Whilst ever-shrinking local authority budgets can present a threat to our clients and organisations, they can also present a chance for the voluntary sector to deliver new, better, more beneficiary-focussed services.

You will get chance to understand in more depth what social enterprise is really about, discuss examples of when it’s really working and when it’s not, and consider practical ways for your organisation to harness social enterprise to tackle key challenges.


On this programme you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of social enterprise
  • Discuss real-life examples of how voluntary sector organisations are using social enterprise
  • Consider how to create a more entrepreneurial culture in your organisation
  • Understand how to balance opportunity and risk
  • Start to outline a strategy to help your local authority make the most of social enterprise



This programme is designed for managers and board members in charities and voluntary sector organisations who want to understand more about social enterprise.
It will also be of interest to staff who work with social enterprises as part of their role, and anyone interested in the potential of social enterprise to deliver social impact in the community.


Fully Funded

This programme is free as it has been heavily subsidised at £150 per person thanks to the generous support of the Rank Foundation.