Learning for Organisations

Help your team or network to be strong, connected and resilient to increase their impact

Our responsive programmes help to strengthen skills, resilience, confidence and leadership capacity of individuals and teams.

The programmes are built around your organisation and focus on specific needs and situations to embed learning in the workplace. 

We collaborate with senior management teams, boards and staff to help them develop the specific mind-sets, behaviours and attitudes they need to thrive.

From growing leadership capacity to creating a culture of innovation, our bespoke learning programmes support organisations to become more sustainable and better serve their community.


Supporting Teams

Facilitated session to help teams get to grips with the changes that have occurred and continue to deliver, stay healthy, motivated and ready to innovate.

The support for teams includes;

Developing an enterprising mindset for the new reality – supporting teams to understand what it means for them and how they can begin to explore the possibilities and opportunities this challenge can offer

Working remotely and staying connected – supporting teams to explore how remote working has impacted them personally and their ability to communicate and undertake their duties.

Team Coaching - flexible facilitated sessions for small teams to build understanding of each other’s reaction to the crisis, how to support each other and manage change

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Supporting senior leaders and boards

Facilitated sessions to help senior Leaders and boards to maintain strategic thinking, identify opportunities and focus on the long-term.

Key areas that these sessions could focus on include:

Innovation during times of crisis

Leading and Working together through crisis

Managing change through crisis

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Beyond Covid 19

We provide transformational learning and development to support people and organisations that are helping to address Wales's most challenging social and environmental issues.

We work across the third, public and private sectors to support any organisation that wants the type of learning and development that will help them to attract high-quality staff and focus on values, engagement, people development and growth.

"The Academy team have taken time to get to know us and our work. They have helped us to find the right fit of a programme which will help us grow as an organisation.”


The programmes we deliver support the Scottish Government’s ambition to achieve Inclusive Economic Growth, supporting organisations to deliver for their people and communities, motivated by purpose and driven by values.

We recognise that every organisation has unique needs - we will work in partnership with you to develop a tailored learning experience to meet your specific requirements. Our programmes focus on supporting:


Themes we focus on:

  • Leadership and management at all levels
  • Developing a coaching approach and culture
  • Succession planning and talent management 
  • Enterprising leadership 
  • Measuring social impact
  • Board development 
  • Courageous conversations 
  • Facilitation skills


Our Impact

We design programmes to have an impact on three distinct levels: Impact for Learners, Impact for the Organisation and Impact for Society.

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