Vision & Mission

Our Vision

A society which combines economic activity with community benefit, led by dynamic social entrepreneurs wherever we may find them.

Our Mission

To contribute to this change through learning and development.


People stepping forward to affect social change need support

Creating sustainable social businesses that deliver high value social and environmental impact is hard. Social entrepreneurs and ethical leaders at all levels need support to develop their own practice of leadership and entrepreneurship, and to develop the talent in their organisations.

Alongside business support infrastructure, finance and networks, the Academy offers a powerful style of learning and development. Learners build the knowledge and skills, clarity and confidence to respond to their current challenges and seize opportunities.

Using peer learning techniques based on strengths, safe facilitation, peer support and space for reflection, we provide learning and development that goes beyond training. 

For individuals, organisations and communities, the difference can be transformational. 


Tailor-made, flexible and participative training that is inclusive rather than prescriptive. The Academy is more people-centred than any other course of learning I have ever had.

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