Billy Zima

Southern Scotland

Beginning his career in Chicago and now in Scotland, Billy inspires people to change through taking part in leadership programmes at the Social Enterprise Academy.

Billy is a professional fine artist and first fused his passion for art to social enterprise when he began working at Marwen Foundation in Chicago in the early 1990’s. Marwen delivers art and career planning to inner city under privileged young people.

Upon arriving in Scotland ten years ago Billy promptly began volunteering at Impact Arts, a leading arts social enterprise and charity in Scotland. He went on to found Identity Artworks, an innovative social enterprise delivering arts programmes to anti-social youth which allowed him to use his extensive experience of working with youth. Identity became charitable and expanded the client base they were working with and soon partnered with leading social enterprises and charities across the UK delivering art programmes to people with physical and mental disabilities.

Although Identity won numerous awards, Fife Social Enterprise of the Year 2014, Billy realised he needed to change his seat on the bus (to use a Jim Collins leadership metaphor) to realise his true and full personal and professional potential. In fact he decided he needed to get on a different bus. Identity closed in 2015 and Billy now dedicates himself to his own art practice as well as bespoke programme delivery in leadership and creative practice.