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Our schools programme is now international, with pupils in Scotland, Australia, Malawi and London using social enterprise to affect ongoing change in their local communities. 


 "With the support of the Social Enterprise Academy we see the difference engaging with Social Entrepreneurship is making to pupil confidence, resilience and attainment. Through Social Enterprise our pupils are creating conscience led communities.’’  Clare Harker, Headteacher St Albert’s Primary School, Glasgow 

Since 2007, The Social Enterprise Academy schools programme has supported young people to set up and grow sustainable social enterprises in their schools and communities. This transformational learning experience allows young people to develop key employability skills while aspiring to affect ongoing social change in their communities. We have worked with over 1200 nurseries, schools and colleges across Scotland, Australia, Malawi and London. 

What makes Social Enterprise Schools different?

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The young people lead the activity themselves, inspired by our facilitators who are practising social entrepreneurs, which keeps motivation high and increases confidence as young people experience the real-life positive impact they can have on their community and beyond. The Social Enterprise Academy encourages school-based social enterprises to be sustainable and we support teachers throughout the journey, celebrating achievements and sharing impact stories at our annual Awards Ceremony.

 "In my 19 years of teaching, this programme is hands down the best thing I ever did with my young people" Lorraine Ross, Former Head of Programme, Scotland’s Enterprising Schools 

The Scottish Government are supporting us to offer the programme to every school in Scotland over the next 8 years. As we strengthen the programme in Scotland, we are looking to grow our network Internationally and work with young people around the world. Our Australian hub has been running the programme very successfully for over three years and we have schools pilots taking place in Malawi and London. Our pilots involve bringing the core elements and key success factors of the programme to a partner in that country and working together to adapt it for that curriculum and content.

As the number of countries running Social Enterprise Schools begins to grow we are then able to share learnings across our International network.

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 "Above all else, we really enjoyed working together on something we feel passionate about and helping those in need" Scottish School Pupil 

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We are currently looking for partners to work with to roll out the Schools programme in other countries. We find smaller pilots of 10 to 20 schools work well and our Education teamwork with partners throughout the process. If you’re interested in working with us, please contact our Head of International

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