Coaching Programme

Our Coaching programme is an opportunity for you to continue your development and receive 1:1 coaching sessions where you will have the space and support needed to consider thoughts, issues and ideas.






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4 sessions


Donna Petrie



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Variable based on your organisations turnover

Do you feel you are ready to really develop your career and organisation? Do you feel you would benefit from support to gain greater clarity, focus and insight into how can really grow and develop? If so, coaching may be the ideal catalyst for you.

Coaching can help you improve your performance at work while increasing your job satisfaction. The benefits you feel from coaching will also have an impact on your organisation and, often, your life beyond work too.


Speech Mark Open Red 01[The sessions have] helped shift my modest and quite unambitious goal at the start of the coaching programme to a wider ‘what am I actually doing with my career and life’ mode during the process. That was quite mindblowing in a fabulous way.Speech Mark Close Red 01


On this programme you will:

  • Work 1:1 with a highly experienced business coach on your specific goals, aspirations and challenges

  • Identify some clear themes and areas of focus that are important to work on together

  • Increase your self-awareness and openness to personal learning

  • Gain new tools and insights to increase your performance and effectiveness

  • Develop different and fresh perspectives to help you meet challenges and realise opportunities

  • Receive helpful feedback and guidance to build your confidence and capacity as a leader


Programme Structure

Four 90-minute sessions with your coach, which usually takes place over 8-12 weeks. Your coach will work with you to establish a ‘coaching contract’ and will draw on a number of coaching tools to support you in reflecting on your situation, allowing you to pursue a new way forward.

At the end of the four sessions, you can review and arrange further sessions depending on your needs.


Speech Mark Open Red 01The coaching has really improved my self-awareness which has meant I’ve developed personal strengths I was unaware of. It has empowered me to re-discover strengths that I had lost due to a lack of confidence.Speech Mark Close Red 01


Programme Fee

With the support of the Scottish Government, our previous learners are able to access this programme at a highly subsidised fee. This is determined by your organisations turnover.

£120 (£30 per session) if your turnover is less than £150,000

£160 (£40 per session) if your turnover is £150,000 - £500,000

£200 (£50 per session) if your turnover is over £500,000



Barry Ayre

Barry is a leadership coach with wide international experience. He works with a range of public and private sector organisations to support high-level management in achieving superior performance and the delivery of outstanding results.


Speech Mark Open Red 01My coach was excellent and identified key areas to focus on quickly.  The most useful thing was getting direct feedback and very practical advice on my ideas. It has helped me feel much more confident pitching myself and my organisationSpeech Mark Close Red 01