Unleash the Power of Others

Unleash the Power of Others

How often do you come into work, determined to help empower, develop and grow the people you work with?  To help them become more self-reliant and autonomous?

And yet, despite our best intentions, we can sometimes find ourselves directing people, “helping” them, by telling them how to do something or just doing it ourselves (it seems so much quicker!).

And so we unconsciously stop people stepping up, developing and making good decisions with clear judgment. We inhibit people finding their own good solutions to problems and perpetuate reliance on managers or individual leaders.

Breaking the pattern

Evidence shows that taking a coaching approach can help break this pattern. When used widely and well, a coaching approach can help create proactive and confident individuals. People who are more motivated, engaged and productive.

Organisations who took part in a recent survey identified the following benefits of developing a coaching culture: 

So what is this coaching approach?

It is a way of communicating with others that helps them to gain their own insights, reflection, solutions and answers. It is an approach that can be applied in 3 minute or 30 minutes. It is a skill we can all develop, particularly if we are managing people.

When someone asks you how they should approach a project or task take a moment to restrain your impulse to provide the answers. Ask them instead:

  • “What are your thoughts on the best way to do this?"
  • "What has worked in the past?"
  • "What would you like to say you did well on this project when it is done?”

This might take them aback to start – they could just want you to give them the answer. But longer term it will help develop their own insights, solutions and confidence to make future decisions

How can you start doing this? 

It starts with your mind-set – a belief that others do or with support can, be innovative, solution focused and independent thinkers. That growing and developing others is a key part of your role.

It is about listening and developing your questioning skils. It is about holding your own assumptions, ideas and advise lightly and being curious about what others think – their ideas and suggestions.

You might want to try this approach with a new colleague – simply ask them:

  • “What did your last line manager and colleagues do really well that we can learn from here?”
  • “What helps you to be your best at work?” 

With a new stakeholder – try asking:

  • “What do you need from us as stakeholders to make this a really great working relationship”?  

At the Academy we have been working with organisations to embed a coaching culture in their organisation. In response to the growing awareness of the benefits of a coaching approach, we also have a number of learning opportunities that can support you as an individual to develop your coaching approach. 

Imagine you were part of unlocking the full capability and building the confidence of people across your – organisations. How much more impact would you and your organisation then be able to make?



Embed a coaching culture in your organisation

Develop your coaching approach


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