Strategic Partnership Fund

How does it work?

The world around us is changing at an unprecedented rate, offering new challenges and opportunities for everyone working for social change in Scotland.

In order to thrive in this ever-changing world, people and organisations are realising that they need to collaborate, learn from each other and take time to develop the right kind of behaviours, mindsets and skills. Learning and Development has therefore never been more important.

While we believe that everyone working for social change should have access to high-quality learning and development, this is not always affordable or accessible for community groups and organisations.


What is the Strategic Partnership Fund?

The Strategic Partnership Fund was established by The Scottish Government in collaboration with the Social Enterprise Academy to make learning and development more affordable to community groups, membership organisations and social enterprise networks delivering impact across Scotland.


Who is eligible for support from the Strategic Partnership Fund?

  • You are an organisation or support agency whose aim is to support third sector organisations and social enterprises e.g. Third Sector Interfaces, Social Enterprise Networks
  • Organisations or projects that support local community groups
  • Funding organisations seeking learning and development opportunities for your fund recipients
  • Community organisations
  • Social incubators


For more information

Download the Strategic Partnership Information Pack

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