Social Enterprise in Education

There are currently over 5,600 social enterprises operating in Scotland, employing 81,357 full-time equivalent employees. Social enterprise is a fast-growing area in the economy and can offer innovative business solutions to issues affecting our communities. 

What is Social Enterprise in Education?

The Social Enterprise in Education programme gives students hands-on experience in running a business with a social purpose. Our guide gives you a better idea of what this might look and feel like in your school.

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Linking the programme to the wider education landscape

We know that educators have pressure to deliver on a huge number of initiatives, so we have cross-referenced the Scottish education landscape to find areas where our programme complements, supports and enhances other activities already happening in your school or classroom. 

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Southern & Central Scotland

Claire Fraser (South East), James Johnstone (West) and Nicola Henderson Michie (North East)

Education Co-ordinator

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Highlands & Islands

Rachel Farmer

Education Co-ordinator

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