Social Enterprise Schools spotlight: The KitKat Coding Club

How it all Began: 

It all started when Nathan, a young 12-year-old pupil, came up with the idea of a coding club. His classmates, Daniel, Matthew, Milo and Lacey expanded onto that with their own ideas, while Nathan was the baseline boy, Daniel was the one who came up with this idea to link technology and food, meanwhile, Matthew later came up with the gardening kits.

Dragons' Den: 

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One Day, Mrs Jones, our Business and Enterprise teacher, took us to the Lecture Theatre for a meeting about enterprises, and then we were given a talk on how social enterprises work, they use the majority of their profits to go to a good cause that they do themselves, rather than donating it to a charity. After the October holidays, we started work on a PowerPoint presentation on what our enterprise was all about, such as what services we were providing, what we would do with the profits, how the club worked and more! By joining, you would not only get to expand your coding knowledge, but Daniel came up with the idea for free KitKat biscuits and a glass of milk with alternative options available. We rehearsed our presentation over and over and over again, so we would get better at saying our lines.

Then, it was the day of the competition, and we walked in, nervous about slipping up our words or getting our slides wrong. When the first team went up, we watched anxiously, they were great, then the second pitch went up and we were brought to a cool-down room where we let off steam and got ready to present.

Before we knew it, it was our turn, Milo introduced us, then Nathan kicked off the first slide, and then it was Daniel's turn, he read his words loud and clear, then paused and took deep breaths then continued, when he finished his slide, he felt good but realised it wasn't over yet, Matthew said his slide, then Daniel said his second slide and felt relieved afterwards, Milo said the last slide, then Lacey signed us off with "Thank you for listening" and gave the Dragons a KitKat each. After that, the audience gave a round of applause and we felt great. We answered questions that the Dragons asked and Nathan made some funny jokes which made the audience and dragons laugh!

We watched the rest of the pitches and were anxious we would place low in the order, then we played a "Stand up, Sit down" game before lunch, we thought that this was extremely fun.
Then it was lunchtime, we had KitKats of our own and made an advertisement video for our club, we had a few snacks when we got back to the Lecture Theatre and watched anxiously because the other pitches were extremely good.

Later on, once the final team had gone, it was decision time, we were really anxious and nervous about the decision the Dragons were going to make.
We waited and waited and waited until the dragons came back, they announced they had chosen 2 winners!

The first was Victoria Primary School and the other winner was...
When the Dragons announced the KitKat Coding Club, we sprung out of our seats and cheered loudly!
"YYAAAAAASSSS!", we screamed as we walked forward, victorious, we had our photos taken, got involved in an interview, and just could not believe it, we had won JOINT FIRST PLACE!!

We were so happy that we received £200 in funding, but when Mr Balfour told us that it was just the start of our journey as young entrepreneurs, we realised that it wasn't over yet...

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