Beyond Education

Help young people to find their strength if they're struggling in-between school and work

There are approximately one million young people in the UK not in employment, education or training. The cost of this lost generation is immense.

We aim to engage with these young people as potential social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and leaders.

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What kinds of programmes go beyond education?

Creating a safe learning environment, our programmes ensure everyone's contributions are heard, and the group is guided to support one another.

Responding to participants' individual starting points, for each young person their confidence is nurtured and aspirations raised.

Young people are challenged to think about their values, the things that are important to them, the skills and qualities they already have, and those they would like.

Participants become better able to work together, recognise their own strengths and those of others, and are able to form happier and more productive teams.


Hear from Lilli, a learner on the Get on Board programme, which supported young people to learn more about becoming a social enterprise board member. 

Speechmarks PlumIt has made it a lot easier to think about being a part of a social enterprise in the future


There are four programme strands providing support to young people

  1. Wide Horizons: Explore and pilot social enterprise ideas, from problem to pitch!
  2. Self Leadership: A flexible learning journey, with memorable shared experiences and personal reflection
  3. Effective Team Skills: Working together with confidence, awareness, empathy and respect, young people can gain a qualification and valuable skills
  4. Employability: Cross-sector partnerships, developing skills and opportunities for young people to sustain employment

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Quality and Impact

260 young people have been involved in developing their self-leadership and enterprise skills and ambitions with us since 2012.

Their success is their own, and we're privileged to work with many partners in supporting their growth.

Many participants have reflected that it was through the safety and support on their learning journey that they found their 'turning point'.

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