Gregory Kinsman - Chauvet

Board Member

Founder of Bike for Good

I am a really proud founder and Cycling Enthusiast Officer (CEO) of Bike for Good, a charity that has helped thousands of individuals to get into cycling over the last 10 years.  I became a social entrepreneur but my new desire is to support the community into cycling. Social entrepreneurship is my passion and I am pleased to work with a passionate team that changes lives through cycling, improving well-being and the environment.  It is only after five years running my social enterprise that I have realised the impact of this kind of organisation on changing the world. Since then my personal mission has been to support as many social enterprises as possible. I believe that even the most unethical business in the world has the potential to become a social enterprise.

Busy, married, with two weans. Not to worry, regular exercise such as yoga and cycling, as well a bit of mediation keeps me sane.

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