Early Years

You're never too young to become enterprising! 

Working together on a social enterprise is a fun way for young children to develop their numeracy and literacy, whilst also gaining the skills, attributes and knowledge that help them become young global citizens. 

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Paisley Pre-5 Centre get enterprisingly eco

Paisley Pre5 2

After a group session, the children decided they wanted to develop a positive attitude towards caring for the environment by creating their own 'nature kindergarden'. They also wanted to sell scented bags, herbs and bird homes/feeders. This was a great opportunity for the children to gain knowledge of their local environment, whilst also earning money to donate to charities and reinvest in more resources.

The project has been a great initiative in showing early organisational and leadership skills, equipping these young 3- to 5-year olds with not only lifelong learning, but lifelong skills. 

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