Developing a Coaching Culture

What is the programme?

The Developing a Coaching Culture Programme has been designed by the Social Enterprise Academy in response to a growing requirement and recognition from the sector of the importance of harnessing and developing a positive working culture. A culture that empowers people, encourages innovation and focuses on talent development and realising people’s potential. We need organisations in our sector to attract and retain high quality people who come to work every day feeling motivated and engaged. Research shows that a highly engaged and empowered workforce drives high performance. Embedding a coaching culture is key to this. This programme is therefore aimed at organisations that want to develop a coaching approach that can be seen and felt at every level. 

We know that the key skills associated with a coaching approach have most impact when they are embedded in the culture and general processes of an organisation. The programme focuses on developing key skills including growth mind-sets, effective listening and questioning, feedback and devolved responsibility for solutions and problem solving.  When these skills are more widely and regularly used and understood, organisations can harness talent and potential more, reduce management time, increase engagement and develop more creative solutions and a confident workforces. The programme explores how you can embed a coaching approach across a range of interactions from line-management responsibilities, to how people challenge and feedback to each other as colleagues, team interactions and meetings, formal and informal meetings, stakeholder relationships and talent management.



The 4 day programme is a credit –rated programme levelled at SCQF Level 9 carrying 6 credit points. It is the first and only credit rated programme in Scotland that focuses on creating a coaching culture.


What are the Programme outcomes?

Organisational Impacts:

  • A common language and understanding of what a coaching culture means and how to embed it both internally and in interactions with external stakeholders
  • Coaching skills are more consistently role-modelled by staff at all levels and widely used to engage with colleagues and teams
  • A supportive and proactive working environment is fostered that leads to greater innovation and impact
  • The development of people is at the core of the organisation, creating an environment of high-performance

The outcome of the programme is to create more engaged, empowered and independent staff at all levels. Staff who are able to effectively support each other in resolving challenges and generating new and innovative ideas and opportunities and work more collaboratively internally and externally.


How we work

Developing Coaching Skills is a key component of all Academy leadership and management programmes. This dedicated Developing a Coaching Culture programme takes this a step further, dedicating time and space to support organisations to develop and embed a sophisticated and values-driven approach to coaching across all levels of staff. Most recently we have worked with one of our partners to support over 100 members of their staff to develop a coaching approach.

The programme is designed very much in collaboration with you to ensure it is linked to the values and culture you are trying to create in your organisation. The programme focuses on both the mind-set required to develop a coaching approach across the organisation and the key skills required.



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