Ask a #SocEnt School: Crosshouse Cares

Speech Mark Open Red 01 I enjoyed making the residents happy and seeing them smileSpeech Mark Close Red 01P2 Pupil

Who are you?

Crosshouse Primary School, we run our social enterprise Crosshouse Cares.

Why did your school choose to set up a social enterprise?

We chose to set up the enterprise after the children in Primary 2 were due to visit the local care home to sing at Christmas. Unfortunately, due to the weather, the children could not attend. The children then came up with the idea of visiting the residents at other times of the year and from there it all began.


 Speech Mark Open Yellow 01I liked reading my book and showing them the picturesSpeech Mark Close Yellow 01P2 Pupil

What is your social enterprises’ social purpose?

The social purpose is to enhance the children’s awareness of the elderly in their community and the work of the care home. It is to provide opportunities for the children to communicate with other members of the local community and to give back to them.



What inspired your school to support this cause?

There has been a link between the school and Lindsayfield Lodge for some years now and the enthusiasm of the children in P2 to help inspired that link to be re-established. The children learned what a Social Enterprise is and the benefits it can have.


Speech Mark Open Green 01I really enjoyed singing some songs and then the elderly people joined inSpeech Mark Close Green 01 P2 Pupil

What is your product? 

We will be providing lunchtime discos for children to attend. Prizes will be awarded for best dancers.



What did your group learn from the experience?

The children learned how to create a business and ensure that this makes a profit. The group also developed teamwork, marketing, literacy and numeracy skills, whilst increasingly building their awareness of the work of the care home in our local community.


We would like to say a huge thank you to Crosshouse Cares for sharing their story with us, to set up a social enterprise in your school email: or call us on 0131 243 2628.



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