Ask a #SocEnt School: BRO Enterprise

Speech Mark Open Red 01We aim to tackle social isolation and loneliness by providing a welcoming and inclusive social cafe where all are welcome.Speech Mark Close Red 01


Who are you?

We are BRO Enterprise, we run a weekly café serving homemade and healthy food at low cost. We also run weekly workshops for people of all ages. These focus on interactive literacy and crafts. 


Why did your school choose to set up a social enterprise?

We were inspired when Josh Littlejohn, from Social Bite. He came into a senior assembly to speak to students about his work to eradicate homelessness. We took part in the Sleep In The Park event in Princes Street gardens, but we wanted to do much more.

There were concerns about social isolation and loneliness in the community, and we were keen to respond to this social problem by creating a cafe and workshop where all are welcome and feel included. We thought this was an excellent opportunity to develop skills for work in our young people, including enterprise and creativity.


 Speech Mark Open Yellow 01 We might have an eighty-year-old making playdough with an eight-year-old, or a whole room reading together with props and mimes. The emphasis is on being together and having fun.Speech Mark Close Yellow 01

What is your social enterprises’ social purpose?

We wanted to tackle social isolation and loneliness by providing a welcoming and inclusive social cafe where all are welcome.



What did your group learn from the experience?

The group has learned that setting up a sustainable business is hard work but very rewarding! We have learned to be organised, responsible, and have shown real commitment. Confidence and self-esteem have really developed across the whole team.

There are so many skills that we are learning every week: planning, problem-solving, creativity and enterprise, team-working and communication, safe food handling, customer service and developing positive “can do” attitudes.


We would like to say a massive thank you to Broughton High School for sharing their story with us, to set up a social enterprise in your school please email: or call us on 0131 243 2628.

Ps! BRO is looking for plants and seedlings-especially edibles, to fill their new raised beds and pots. They can collect!

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