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Starting up a social enterprise is a great way for pupils to gain skills and confidence by being part of a team. Having the continual support of classmates, parents and staff working together towards a common goal also builds the school community.

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Kilpatrick School joins Awamu in Uganda

Awamu Kilpatrick School

The Kilpatrick Workshop was inspired by Emma Scullion, who had started Awamu to support women who care for vulnerable children in the slums of Kampala, Uganda. Pupils wanted to contribute to their project, Food for Education, by raising money for vegetable gardens that grow nutritious food so that families can eat regular healthy meals.

Pupils initially raised enough money for two gardens in Kampala. Emma sent a string of hand-crafted recycled paper beads as a thank you, which struck an idea amongst students to combine these beads with Kilpatrick beads and create the 'awamu-kilplatrick-together bracelet'. It was so popular, even Clydebank Museum gift shop sold them!

Continuing their efforts, they are now working on a healthy eating book which will feature recipes from their friends in Kampala.

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