Our Vision for the Future

Creating fairer communities by facilitating

10 million social entrepreneurs globally by 2030.


Creating: The social entrepreneurs participating in activities to address the needs of their community

Fairer: Access to equitable opportunities

Communities: A group of people, defined either by geography or by a shared purpose

Facilitating 10m: Engaged directly in an active learning process with us

Social Entrepreneurs: Anyone who is doing something to help solve a social and/or environmental problem in their community


Why is this essential now?

Today our world is facing unprecedented challenges and is now further behind than ever to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. As a result of Covid-19 and the ongoing climate crisis:

  • Inequality has increased for women, low wage workers, SME’s and the informal sector
  • 70 million people are now living in poverty globally for the first time in 30 years
  • 1.2 billion young people were affected by school closures - many of whom became more vulnerable and became more exposed to physical and emotional violence
  • 1 billion climate refugees are estimated to be created by 2050



What are we going to do?

We want to facilitate social entrepreneurs around the world to step up and solve the social and environmental issues affecting their communities.

We believe in the power of learning and development to transform people of all ages to be agents of change. So far we have facilitated over 78,000 social entrepreneurs to help create fairer communities where people have equitable access to opportunities.

We want to increase this number to 10 million social entrepreneurs by 2030 to create an even greater impact and increase the ripples of change taking place in communities around the world.


How can you get involved? 

To find out how you and your organisation can support us to create fairer communities around the world, please get in touch:

Ellen Tacoma

Chief Executive, SEA International



Thank you to our partners who have supported us on our journey so far: