Naadiah Ahmad Mazlani

Education & Learning Coordinator

I am the Operation & Admin Director of neOOne Associates Sdn Bhd. I started my career as a claim executive in an Insurance company and later explored a different career path in the training industry where I found my passion for coordinating programs and events.

I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Forensic Science at the National University of Malaysia.

I speak fluent Mandarin having obtained my Mandarin language-based education for 10 years in school. I was a very active student throughout my education years. I believe those experiences have tremendously supported me in my current role. To date, I have coordinated more than 300 events from the year 2014 – 2018.

During my leisure time I love being outdoors or hitting the gym to stay healthy and fit, I also enjoy spending time alone as a way to recharge from my usually hectic schedule.

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