Approach to Learning

When you learn with us you'll find that things will really start to click. 

You'll be in a lively and challenging environment where you take the lead role in your development and are supported by a specialist tutor.

We take great care in making sure the right people are in the room with you, so that you can learn from each other and provide mutual support. 


What makes it work?

Our highly experienced social entrepreneur and specialist tutors are the key to every programme. They've worked in similar environments, faced similar challenges and are passionate about supporting others to develop and create social change.


What you'll focus on


...for reflection  ...for creative, open-minded, visionary thinking  ...for turning ideas into actions

STRENGTHS share experience and knowledge stimulate change, development and growth reward insights rather than the 'right answers'

SAFETY the room so you can address issues with confidence  ...for posing critical questions that get to the root of an issue  ...for ensuring mutual respect


...between learners to build networks use dialogue that broadens everyone's understanding link your learning with outcomes you want to see

Podcast: Sustainability Through Education

BFM Enterprise

SEA Managing Director, Sam Baumber, spoke to BFM Enterprise about sharing learning internationally and the importance of social enterprise sustainability. Listen to the...

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