Social Enterprise Spotlight: Junior Plumbers, Mzuzu

It’s always amazing to see businesses making money and creating a social impact within their communities.

Junior Plumbers is a social enterprise based in Luwinga Area 1B Mzuzu offering superior plumbing services and supplying plumbing materials to individuals and companies. The company supports young people by providing on the job training in plumbing so they can secure a job or create their own businesses.

Since its inception in 2016, Junior Plumbers has registered numerous achievements on the ground including the creation of a skilled and competent workforce that is marketable on the job market. Of the 21 graduates from the 2017-2018 academic year, 11 of them secured jobs with reputable organizations in the city such as Mzuzu central hospital and others managed to start their own businesses. In addition, the company employed two of the graduates that have undergone the on-job training program. 

Looking at the pace our cities are growing in Malawi, it is clear that waste management and sanitation are becoming a major problem. As Junior Plumbers grows, the Founder and Managing Director Wingston Mkandawire seeks to utilize his expertise to create a solution for waste management, a venture which will create more jobs for other youth in his community.

Wingston Mkandawire-MD, Junior Plumbers and Miss Wangiwe Joanna Kambuzi, Co-Founder, Mzuzu E-Hub

We understand the problems young people are facing in this country including the high rate of unemployment hence we created the practical on the job-training program that the company is offering so that the beneficiaries are able to acquire a skill that they can use to earn a living. 

Wingston Mkandawire, Founder & Managing Director, Junior Plumbers

Junior Plumbers emerged a winner during the pitch day event hosted by Mzuzu E-hub and went away with USD2000(K1,500,000) with which he used to upscale his enterprise. The pitch challenge was conducted by mHub with support from UN Women and participants had to undergo a two day boot camp with intense training in business ideation, business planning and pitching.

Wingston advice to aspiring and upcoming entrepreneurs emphasizes that you need to make it a point to accept and convince yourselves that the business you are getting into is worth it. No vision is too small to be pursued, it only takes how much y­­­our time you are sitting back to magnify it.

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