Chief Executive - SEA International

Ellen Tacoma

Speechmarks Plum In 2021 I joined the Academy. I worked previously in the private sector in Advertising and Telecommunications and had my own social enterprise Besides that, I worked with social entrepreneurs across Africa on access to justice topics.

In my role at the Academy, I am responsible for scaling up the organization abroad. As a first step, we will establish an Accelerator Fund and then open up Hubs across the world to increase our impact.

I like working at the Academy because they have a great vision on how to change the world by supporting and empowering people to start, build and grow their social enterprise.

If I started up my own SE again it would be a combination of women economic empowerment and solutions to prevent or resolve climate problems.

Out of the Academy, I enjoy spending my time working in my garden, dancing the tango, reading a book and meeting up with friends and family.