Social Enterprise in Schools Program

The Social Enterprise in Education programme gives students hands-on experience in running a business with a social purpose.









1.5 hours a week


Heba Fadeel



+20 100 6918071


EGP 2,500 per student for the whole academic year

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We have the pleasure to announce to you that the Social Enterprise Academy Egypt is launching the first Student-Led Social Enterprise in Schools Program in Egypt and the Middle East. We will be having a pilot for the program this academic year 2020-2021 with several schools, targeting grades 5 and above. As the international team will be directly involved in launching the program in Egypt for the first time, we have a few slots for teachers and students from your school to join this transformational and first-hand learning experience. This will be in the form of an extra-curricular activity (you can choose to have it after school hours or integrated within the school day). The program is also a good opportunity for building the mandatory CAS projects for high school students completing their IB Diploma. 

The price per student is EGP 2500 for the whole academic year. The program  will allow them to develop the following skills, while aspiring to affect ongoing social change in their communities:

  • Entrepreneurship and enterprising skills
  • Critical and creative thinking skills
  • Employability skills 
  • Core skills  
  • Leadership 
  • Global citizenship 
  • Civic and community engagement 

All students will be receiving a certificate of Completion from The Social Enterprise Academy, in addition to an Award for their Social Enterprise project at the end of the program


How your school will benefit from this programme: 

  • Free CPD (professional development) for your teacher(s) from the international team and certificate of completion. 
  • Mentorship by our local Facilitators to follow-up the implementation of the program with teachers and students
  • Social enterprise coaching session for school staff/school council/parent group 
  • Teacher network opportunities and ongoing Professional Development.  
  • Open Door coaching sessions / telephone and email support to school by our staff
  • Social Enterprise Schools accreditation  
  • Friendly Investor pitches with all schools (will have its separate fees) 
  • Social Enterprise Schools awards ceremony for accredited schools (will have its separate fees)
  • Position your school as an initiator in developing younger generations into job creators, change makers and social entrepreneurs
  • Showcase the outcomes of you students' projects locally and internationally
  • Recognition of your school on the Academy's website and social media channels


What exactly is required from your school?

  • Circulate this email invite to all parents of grades 5 and above in your school.
  • Dedicate 1.5 hours once a week to run the program in your school with the registered group of students 
  • Put forward 1 teacher for every 25 students registered, who has the willingness and interest to engage in such an experience 


About the Scocial Enterprise Academy and the Social Enterprise in Education programme

Since 2007, the Social Enterprise Academy schools programme has supported young people to set up and grow sustainable social enterprises in their schools and communities. This transformational learning experience allows young people to develop key employability skills while aspiring to affect ongoing social change in their communities. This page has more information about the schools programme. This is also a video to showcase the Academy's work in schools with over 41,500 pupils engaged.


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