Understanding Social Enterprise | West Wimmera Council – Goroke

This two-day workshop will introduce you to the objectives, purpose, theories and practice of social enterprise.


West Wimmera Shire Council


Past Program


9am - 4pm


2 days


Pete Sacco




+61 (0) 357 282 916


Fully Funded

This two-day workshop introduces you to the objectives, purpose, theories and practice of social enterprise.

You will get the opportunity to get your cross-sector leaders on the same page about the potential of using social enterprise as a vehicle to support economic and community development.


During these workshops you will:

  • Explore the role social enterprise is playing in rejuvenating rural communities
  • Learn alongside local leaders and influencer’s from all sectors of your community
  • Play a role in enabling entrepreneurship and young people with ideas in your community



This workshop has been designed for anyone interested in learning about social enterprise and the potential benefits and issues it may present to your organisation, network or community.


Workshop Fee

This workshop has been funded by Rural Councils Victoria with support from West Wimmera Shire Council.


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Social Enterprise Academy Australia
The Social Enterprise Academy helps people use their personal strengths to build sustainable enterprises and achieve greater social impact. Our learning and development programs focus on learning by doing and are flexible, practical and responsive to the needs of communities.

The Social Enterprise Academy Australia is operated by the Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE). ACRE exists to build thriving rural communities through igniting entrepreneurship in young people and their communities.

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