Social Enterprise Schools

The Social Enterprise Schools is a collaborative experience that helps young people to run their own business and support their communities

It brings students, teachers, local entrepreneurs and community leaders together to develop skills, build confidence and make a positive social impact, below you can read some of the stories we have collected from young people in Scotland and Australia. 



What is Social Enterprise Schools?

A social enterprise is a business that uses the market to address social issues. This program gives students hands-on experience running a social enterprise whilst also supporting their community.

Students decide on the business they want to create and the social issue they want to tackle. They might:

  • Run a cafe and use the profits to buy food for a homeless shelter
  • Make products using ethical materials and use the profits to support a community project
  • Reuse and sell unwanted school uniforms to fund anti-bullying resources

How it works


Why Social Enterprise Schools?

This program ignites ideas, taps hidden talents and a generates a huge sense of achievement. Because it's led by students, who learn by doing, they are invested in making it work. 

  • Builds enterprise, leadership, numeracy, literacy and creative thinking skills
  • Practical, engaging and inclusive learning suitable for any age and ability
  • Builds on strengths and develops confidence
  • Develops students as responsible citizens with more understanding of social justice and the world around them

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Who is delivering the learning?

The Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) and the Social Enterprise Academy (SEA) are working together to deliver this internationally-recognised learning program for young people.

ACRE is dedicated to creating entrepreneurship opportunities in rural areas so that they thrive and are a vital part of Australia's economy.

SEA has been delivering Social Enterprise Schools programs in Scotland since 2008. Their approach is practical, student-led and has so far engaged over 30,000 young people in entrepreneurial activity.

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