How does it work?

Social Enterprise Schools will involve students, teachers, local entrepreneurs and community leaders working together to make a positive social impact

Young Social Entrepreneurs | Social Enterprise Schools Program | SEA Australia from Social Enterprise Academy on Vimeo.

What students will do

Students will create and manage a dynamic business with a social purpose that reinvests its profits in the community. 

Their social enterprises will be:

  • Connected to the community with clear social and/or environmental aims that they have identified themselves
  • Entrepreneurial with a clear trading activity that reinvests their profits
  • Led by young people with the support of educators and parents
  • Dynamic and able to make a positive and responsive change to people's lives


Support for teachers

We're here to help at every step with resources, advice and specialist support including:

  • A one-day Understanding Social Enterprise professional learning workshop with a Social Enterprise Academy facilitator
  • Ongoing classroom support from your facilitator to help you with planning, developing and implementing your enterprise
  • Opportunities to access support, advice and expertise from the local community


Involving the Community

We are seeking local entrepreneurs and community leaders to become accredited Social Enterprise Academy facilitators.


How to get involved

Social Enterprise in Schools