Why get involved?

Social Enterprise Schools benefits students, teachers and the community

It's inclusive, flexible and invests in both young people and local entrepreneurs 



For our young people to thrive in a rapidly changing and uncertain economy they need to be equipped with skills and confidence that will support them as soon as they leave school.

Learning through practical, entrepreneurial activity leads to:

  • Enterprise and employability skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Numeracy and literacy skills

It also develops:

  • Their sense of social justice as global citizens
  • Links with their community and an understanding of the issues it faces
  • Their understanding of alternative business models



The challenges in preparing young people for life after school are substantial. We provide extensive support and access to networks and resources to help deliver engaging experiences. 

  • Multiple links with the local and national curriculum
  • Approaches that are adaptable to primary and secondary age groups
  • Access to local and international networks and mentors
  • Access to evidence-based, accredited training
  • On-going access to resources and teaching materials
  • Access to a network of teachers who have passion and skill in applying enterprise principles



By using a collaborative approach, local communities will find new ways to support young people and find their support in return.

  • It's a relevant and meaningful way for schools, community groups and businesses to engage together
  • We'll train local entrepreneurs and leaders to deliver programs so that communities can build on their existing strengths and capacity


How to get involved

Social Enterprise in Schools