Beyond Education

Flexible and adaptable programs to build strengths, skills and employability amongst young people

We see young people as potential social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and leaders - by building confidence, self belief and personal skills we can open doors and minds.

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What kinds of programs go beyond education?

  • Safe learning environments where everyone's contributions are heard
  • Responsive to individual starting points and needs
  • Highly supportive to ensure positive thinking about their values, what's important to them, the skills and qualities they have, and those they would like
  • Designed to develop team working skills and understanding of personal strengths and those of others


Programs Overview

Wide Horizons

From exclusion to ambition, through enterprising ideas.

Explore and pilot social enterprise ideas, from problem to pitch! Working with local partners to bring together and support young people, each Wide Horizons program finds learners' own 'starting points', and explores new skills, deep values and personal qualities through social entrepreneurship.

Self Leadership

Finding confidence and discovering ability

A flexible leadership journey, with memorable shared experiences and opportunities for personal reflection. Adaptable to the needs of diverse learners as the program progresses.

Effective Team Skills

Future leaders, working together

Working together with confidence, awareness, empathy and respect, young people can gain a qualification and valuable skills. Communication skills and tuning in to emotional intelligence are key ingredients to help young people outside education or employment become ready to play their part in teams.


Sustaining employment and creating opportunities

Delivered by developing partnerships across different sectors, this program provides diverse experiences and opportunities for young people to sustain employment. 

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Social Enterprise in Schools